We install every type of artificial grass, it is of the greatest importance that your synthetic grass is installed correctly, even the best products in the world , if poorly installed result in a problematic surface that will never achieve its potential. This is why it is important to use the best techniques and machinery combined with the correct maintenance to create a surface that will provide high levels of performance over the life of the carpet.

In the UK we have many years of dealing with our unpredictable weather, which can cause many problems to a new installation if the conditions are not favorable. We use the right adhesives for the conditions which ensure the quality of the installation for years. With artificial grass pitches you only get one chance to install the product correctly , years of experience have shown us that a pitch that needs repairs on seams in the first year then it will be plagued with issues throughout it life. This shows that the installation of the grass is critically important to ensure years of great performance. Cutting corners installing is a false economy which will certainly effect the longevity of the surface.

This is why we are proud to have an extensive list of successful installations that have stood the test of time and use.