Turfmuncher Synthetic Turf Field Reclamation Machine

Landfill or recycle? The choice is yours.

Now manufacturers , pitch owners and contractors have a sustainable alternative when it's time to replace existing artificial grass pitch. Turfmuncher from Xtraction provides a cost effective and efficient means of removing synthetic turf pitches that need replacement. Most importantly the innovative Turfmuncher delivers an opportunity to reclaim and recycle used turf and infill.

This is not a rip and roll procedure where the old grass is removed and taken to landfill!

Considering the short and long term environmental impact of sending pitches to landfill we have a responsibility to reuse and recycle!

Watch us in action!!

With the Turfmuncher we can remove rolls up to 5 meters in width and 70 meters long with 99% of the infill removed wet or dry! This allows for opportunity to relocate old fields, or process all the material components separately. This means a legitimate method of recycling can be achieved and documented.

Landfill or recycle? The choice is crystal clear. RECLAIM AND RECYCLE.